Enhancing Your Online Presence With Marketing Contests

Sometimes there is no better way to market your brand than to offer a giveaway contest. It does not matter if you have a physical store or a e-commerce store; you can still participate in this type of contest to get some healthy competition going among your customers. Often these contests work in two ways.

The first way that a sweepstakes competition works is that your existing customers are given the opportunity to win something that you are offering. This gets them visiting your location or your online shop more frequently. They will browse around and possibly spend more money when they are filling out the sweepstakes form.

The second way that a sweepstakes competition works is that it will increase your customer flow. Often friends tell friends about giveaway contests. This spreads the word about your business. Online e-commerce stores will encourage their customers to tag a friend in a post or share a post in order to be entered in a contest give away. The only way the person has a chance of winning is if they have liked, shared the post and entered the giveaway contest. By sharing a post about a sweepstakes give away contest more people will see the post and enter in the contest. This is a great way to spread brand awareness.

How do you organize a sweepstakes contest? This is simple. If you have never hosted one before you can simply hire the services of a sweepstakes management company. These companies are experts at designing online give away contests for their clients. They are able to entice customers into shopping on your online store or even in your physical store. They will email all customers on your email list or send out paper mailers to residents. They will offer special deals and savings discounts to bring more shoppers into your location. Businesses experience a large influx of new and returning customers as well as cash flow. This extra money makes it worth it to hire the management company.

You obviously do not need to hire a management service if you have any experience in marketing or promotions with success. You can gather your own clients’ emails in your date base and send out a email blast advertising your sale and promotions as well as the giveaway. If the giveaway is online only be sure to include the link. If the giveaway is in person only be sure to include days and time as well as any other pertinent information customers may need when visiting your location. If you are working on a strictly online only marketing enhancement business plan with a giveaway be sure to utilize all social media outlets. People connect virtually on many different platforms and the more you cross post on and market on the better chances you will have of increasing your customer ratio. You can encourage sharing of posts, cross posting and even check in options. These are all ways to get customers to frequently visit your online business.