Cutting Costs For Printing In Your Business

Whether you’re a small office or an ever-growing tech company, chances are you need to print out papers physically all of the time. Uncontrolled printing costs can get expensive as paper and ink doesn’t get cheap when you’re potentially printing hundreds to thousands of pages daily. Look into all of these ways to have a smart system where you can control what you’re printing and at what cost.


If you’re located in a large office building across different floors, you might have had supervisors not care about setting up a good network and rather pay for multiple printers all throughout. This can up the costs as you might have to be buying different types of paper and ink cartridges for each printer, which can add up very quickly. Setting up a print server and combining printer usage into only a select few printers makes it a lot easier to make the necessary purchases. You can negotiate and find other manufacturers of these products to be able to buy them in bulk when you might not have been able to when you were spread out across different printer models. Just simply make sure that everyone can connect to this network and you’ll have a great solution instead of having multiple printers.


A good thing to gauge when you end up printing a lot is how necessary is every copy you’re making. While many people still want physical copies of papers, it might be a good idea for meetings just to give your coworkers the straight-up PDF of any of the data that might have been printed off instead. This can save you hundreds of pages and a bunch of ink easily in just a month by going down a list and only printing what is necessary. Additionally, contact any of the professionals you work with outside of meetings and ask if they are fine with a digital copy of their papers instead of physical. Make the point to them that they can get all of these papers a lot quicker than you have to print them out physically so they are more likely to make the change. Make sure you take this crucial step when you want to start conserving your printing supplies.


Being conscious about how much printing supplies you’re using is important not only for helping lower the costs in your business, but to be environmentally helpful. If you’re a company looking to advertise, simply putting out there the initiatives you help to keep the world greener and to cut down fewer trees can give you good publicity. Make sure that you are always looking around for the cheapest supplies as well even though are already cost-cutting as you’re likely to find some manufacturer who’s willing to cut a deal without for purchasing their product in bulk. By following all of this advice, you’ll be a much better leader in business when it comes to cutting costs.