A Clean Home Might Lead to the Secret of Happiness

Happiness is an interesting concept. It’s something that everyone has in common. Every person who’s ever lived has hoped for it. Yet despite this shared desire, few of us seem to ever keep a strong hold on it. We certainly find moments of happiness.

But our real desire is for happiness to be the norm. To wake up with joy at the prospect of a new day. And to walk through that life with a continual smile on our face. But there’s one large question looming over that idea. Why aren’t people happier?

It was an easy enough answer in the not too distant past. A few generations back people’s lives were fraught with disease, rough living conditions and general pain. It’s hard to be happy when you don’t know if you’ll be able to eat the next day. Or when you can’t be sure if the water you’re drinking is safe.

But we live in easier times. So why isn’t that fact bringing us any real happiness? It might seem like an idle question. But researchers have put considerable time and resources into finding an answer. And in fact, it seems like happiness is laregely dependent on experiences. Basically, it doesn’t really matter how safe we are.

We need time to relax and appreciate that safety. To see the world that our work brings into being. But most people’s lives don’t have much time for this sort of reflection. They go from doing work in an office to taking care of chores at home. Even social events often turn into stressful obligations.

The answer seems surprisingly easy. Or, rather, easy once someone points it out. We simply need to use the money earned by our job to take care of chores at home. People often think that happiness will come from buying more things. But in truth that doesn’t do much good if there’s no time to enjoy it. This is in line with an older concept of simple living.

It’s somewhat amusing to think that the secret of happiness could be found with any Vacuum Cleaning Services joliet il. But take a moment to really consider what that can do for someone’s life. Because in the end this describes how most of us go about our day to day life.

Imagine someone who’s carefully honed his sleep cycle to get the absolute minimum amount he can get away with. Time is precious, and he’s lowering his quality of life trying to get more of it. He wears himself out even more at work. And when he finally comes home he doesn’t look at it with happiness. Instead of seeing what he has he instead sees it as a container holding a wide assortment of chores.

But now consider what would happen if he started ordering in more. If he hired someone to take care of the cleaning. Imagine how much more time he’d have. Imagine the effect that being able to get the sleep he needs could have. He’d have time to really start appreciating the life he’d created. And that is the real secret to finding happiness on a day to day basis.